Argon Tableware Clear Glass Infuser Teapot - 800ml

Brand: Argon Tableware

Product code: ST-AT-PP416 x 1

Bring a taste of striking, contemporary style to the traditional afternoon tea party with this Clear Glass Infuser Teapot from Argon Tableware.

The tapered bell shape of this teapot offers the perfect environment in which to steep your tea, focusing the heat as it rises through the liquid to create a smooth convection current throughout the entire body of water. The angled spout rises from the base of the teapot, ensuring the strongest flavour is poured first, while in turn letting the most diluted water mingle as the liquid passes through, ensuring a smoother, more consistent flavour throughout.

 Just as with home brew coffee, the art of infusing one's own loose leaf tea is a trend that continues to gather steam - this pot has been designed specifically with this purpose in mind, coming equipped with a sleek, stainless steel infusion chamber that allows you to perfectly brew your favourite Oolong, Rooibos or Chai Tea in the comfort of your own home.

The transparent design allows you to witness the motion and colour of the brewing process first-hand - a great theatrical showpiece for any home, that also lets you judge immediately when your tea has reached your preferred level of intensity.

When the party's over, the infusion chamber can be removed for easy cleaning (Hand Wash recommended).

With a variety of shapes and sizes available, whatever your taste, the Argon Tableware range of Clear Glass Infuser Teapots is sure to satisfy.


Features and Benefits:

Clear Glass Teapot- Contemporary styling; witness the brewing process in action

Stainless Steel Infuser- Perfect for all kinds of loose leaf, herbal and floral teas

Tapered Shape- Wide base with narrow top creates heat convection cycle for a well-balanced brew

Elegant Pourer Spout - Starts from the base; strongest tea pours first

Easy to Clean - Hand Wash recommended; infuser can be removed

Product Specifications:

  • Length: 195mm
  • Width: 115mm
  • Height: 135mm

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