Illa Alegria Aluminium Non-Stick Saucepan - 16cm (6") - Red

Brand: illa

Product code: ST-LL-LA3416 x 1

The Illa Alegria 16cm Aluminium Non-Stick Saucepan brings vibrant colour to your kitchen and lets you rustle up delicious dishes in true Italian style.

Manufactured entirely among the hills of Northern Italy, every piece of Illa cookware is born from an obsessive pursuit of providing the highest excellence in product design, materials and performance, at a cost that represents extraordinary value for money.

The Alegria range is crafted using only the finest pressed aluminium, with raw materials sourced from fully-certified industry leaders. The use of pressed aluminium completely eliminates the presence of air pockets within the exemplary non-stick coating, ensuring maximum cooking performance and product longevity.

The use of aluminium in preference to alternative materials promotes exceptional heat conduction. A thicker, fully-rectified bottom allows for perfect, even heat distribution, allowing the pan to achieve optimum temperature quickly while eliminating hot spots that can damage both the food and the pan itself.

The classic black non-stick coating allows for safe and healthy cooking of a variety of foods, even without the addition of fat or oil. A black Bakelite handle offers high levels of strength and stability for confident maneuvering between stove and service, while the inherent heat-resistant properties protect your hands from burning.

With a matching Casserole Pot, and both 20cm and 28cm Frying Pans also available, each piece in the Alegria range comes with a gorgeous bright red silicon lacquer on the outside - a sure-fryer standout in any kitchen!

Suitable for both gas and electric hobs, this pan is also 100% dishwasher safe.


Features and Benefits:

Crafted from Pressed Aluminium - Lightweight and durable; pressing eliminates air pockets beneath the non-stick coating, improving performance and product longevity

Non-Stick Coating - Allows for safe and healthy cooking without additional fat or oil

2mm Rectified Bottom - Improves heat distribution and eliminates hot spots that can damage both your food and the pan itself

Bakelite Handle - Strong, durable and highly heat-resistant to protect your hands

High Quality, Versatile Cookware - Suitable for both gas and electric hobs; dishwasher safe


Product Specifications:

  • Pan Diameter: 170mm
  • Total Length (inc Handle): 310mm
  • Height: 75mm
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