Make your house a home

Making a house a home doesn’t always mean you have to whip out some paint, wallpaper or start drilling holes in the wall. If you’re living in a rented flat or Uni halls this is particularly hard to do. In this blog, I'm going to focus on ways of making your house a home that is easy and doesn’t require making big changes to your house.

From harnessing the natural light to the tiny features you'd never think of, here are Rinkit’s top tips to make your house a home.

1- Harnessing natural light

My first tip to make your house a home is all about lighting. Candles and fairy lights are always an option, but why not think more out of the box. Harness and emphasise the surrounding natural light with mirrors. Mirrors are not only for you to check your outfit of the day, but firstly, they optimise any space you have by making it seem bigger, but more importantly, they reflect the natural light – if you position your mirror in the optimal place, you will have the perfect sunshine glow throughout your room. We all know the sunshine makes everyday better so this is the perfect home-maker.

2- Make use of any space you have

make your house a home with storage

Be savvy with your storage and make use of the space you have. It is a huge misconception that if you are limited with space, it is hard to make a house a home - we disagree. If you are lacking space, then alternative storage is something to look into.

You could get crafty with some DIY solutions using something like industrial style tables which maximise space. Or, baskets are another great idea for storing blankets and bedding, ready to be taken out with a cuppa on the sofa.

Or, focusing on the kitchen, make the most of storage jars and kitchen cannisters to optimise your space, keep it neat and tidy and most importantly, somewhere you love to be! You can even get our labels and add a personal touch to each of your storage jars, so there’s no more confusion over what is what.

3- Personaliseit; photo frames and art

Photo frames and art

Another tip is to fill your walls with loved ones, friends, and family. With our range of photo frames you will be well on your way to make your house a home by personalising it and bring it to life!

Artwork doesn’t have to just be seen as expensive or elitist. This is just about decorating your home with things that mean something to you. 

Start by making a list of all your favourite things; your list could include your favourite books, collectables, a family portrait - anything that makes you happy. You could even use objects found in nature like shells or pinecones. If you have a favourite hobby, place or band you could get some prints of them from a store online and put them up on your walls using our picture frames. Or, why not put some uplifting quotes around to spread some good vibes in your home?

These could be displayed on coffee tables, in the kitchen, on bedside tables or anywhere you have space for. I have these all over my house and they make me feel better when I look at them and make space personal to me. Make it your space!

4- Your perfect cuppa; Mugs and saucers

perfect cuppa

Nothing says home like your favourite warm drink, and everyone should have the perfect mug for this. I’m sure everyone at some point has had a favourite mug, the-go too one for your morning tea or coffee. Check out our huge selection of everything tea and coffee!

5- The tiny extras

Home decorations can be the smallest features yet have the biggest impact on making your house a home. Take door stops – practical yet not a must-have – but the variation you can choose between brings character to your home, whether you fill your home with love and hearts, love for animals, or a classic star theme, you’re adding a piece of you to your home.

How about showing your love for nature, by adding a small glass terrarium to display your favourite plant in an eye-catching manner. You can even fill it with decorative pebbles and fairy lights to jump on one of the hottest home décor trends of recent years.

Summariseit; how to make your house a home with Rinkit

To make your house a home it’s all about creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere suited to you. Whether that's indoor plants, photographs, mirrors, or art. These are all things that can be done budget-friendly and that are easy to change whenever you like.

I hope this blog has shown you that you can create your own space that feels like home to you without overwhelming each room with decorations.


Thank you for reading.

Until next time,
Georgie and the Rinkit Team



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