Thinking outside the box

Why not try something new with some Box Frame Crafts that will be sure to stand out from the crowd in the prettiest and most personalised ways.

Photo frames can be the perfect decoration for a work or home environment. They are also the perfect gift as you can personalise to your heart’s content. Our Photo Frames are by far one of our best sellers as we have all sizes, colours and styles to ensure you have exactly what you’re looking for. From Light Wood Square Frames,  to Hanging Glass Photo Frames we have a selection ready to suit any interior style.

Where to Start with Box Frame Crafts

When it comes to the contents, there are so many types of designs you can go for, and we are talking hundreds of Box Frame Crafts. However, I wanted to talk you through some of my own favourites that are simple and easy to make, that can be adjusted to suit your personal taste.

I have broken down my top box frame crafts that can be made in the comforts of your own home with just a few accessories to take it from average to outstanding in just a few steps.

The first step is the easiest one, picking your frame or frames (if you want a collection piece). Browse our website where you will find hundreds of different photo frames ready for you to take your pick.

Before you even knew it, we are on step 2; choosing your theme or decoration. I have written out 4 easy-to-make box frames crafts, so have a read and get your craft kits ready to createit!

Scrabble Sensation

Starting off with this stunning White Box Photo Frame – 6 x 6 . This classy white square frame complements any colour theme it is displayed with, so choose your preference and get crafty.

scrabble sensation

The easy steps to achieve this simple box frame craft piece make it the perfect activity for the whole family to join in and complete together. Alternately, it can be a quick craft for a last-minute thoughtful gift. Either way, it will leave you with endless options for more standout structures and artistic pieces whatever the space or occasion.

Legendary Lego

A classic, funny, and light-hearted box frame craft tells a story, and what a better way than with Lego figures. The perfect thoughtful gift for dads, husbands, brothers, or sisters, wives, or mothers of course! A really easy way of bringing a little bit of life to the walls of any room.

legendary lego

For this, I would suggest the Black 8 x 8 Deep Box Frame as it’s big enough to create a lively display, but not too big that it would need filling to the brim or look empty. You could use old Lego pieces of your own for that extra personal touch or buy online or Lego is always available in craft shops. Stick down your Lego pieces and let the story unfold.

A very simple craft that only needs some coloured card, some Lego and of course imagination. A wedding gift, a birthday present, a ‘just to make you laugh’ thoughtful gift, can be easily created with this technique. I think these box frame crafts work particularly well with a little writing alongside, a wonderful way to add context and tell more of a story.

Perfect Polaroids

A huge trend that has been going on for a while and hasn’t seemed to slow down is the classic polaroid photos. A very simple way of displaying more images in a single frame is to create your own bunting of images within the backboard of the structure. I used this large Nicola Spring 16 x 16 Deep Box Frame. The best bit about using big frames is the amount of space you get to work with. Especially for a box frame craft like this, where you want there to be some open spaces. There are so many ways to make this your own and trust me when I say, it’s all in the detail.

perfect polaroids

For this stunning box frame craft, you will need some string, mini pegs, tape and of course your images. You can use polaroid size or whatever print outs you prefer.

Simply tape your string over the backboard and create your rows – however many you want depending on the size of your photos. Add your pegs and whatever decoration suits, I went for pressed flowers to match my theme of images. Then, candidly add your pictures and secure them with the pegs. Slot the backboard into the frame and stand/hang for the finished look.

Don't be afraid to personalise it - however you fancy. Try adding fairy lights to draw more attention to your treasured photos or write notes, dates, or doodles underneath the photos for even more of a personal touch.

This box frame craft could be the perfect gift for a wedding or new baby, new house or even a birthday present. The design is so customisable, you really become the artist you have always longed to be.

Blissful Beach

The only thing better than a great box frame craft is 3 box frame crafts in one collection. These box frames have multiple uses; a picture frame, a display frame and even a shelf, as they have a larger depth than your standard frame. So, keep that in mind when hanging these as they could be even more beneficial than you initially thought.

blissful beach

To create this bathroom beach backdrop you will need 3 of the White 4 x 4 Deep Box Frames, some sand, shells and any other beach themed items you wish to display. Perhaps a star fish you found years ago you’ve never found a use for, or a selection of stacked stones to give you a constant calming combo. Another idea is to add a beach photo, whether it shows your family, your best friend or simply a special beach to you.

Once you have chosen your desired details and any background colours/images you want to show off. The last step is simply arranging it to your taste, and this is the best bit, it can be so unique as you can personalise it to your home décor.

The 3 frames as a collection really gives you that polished, finished look everyone wants for any part of their house or business. It’s even cheaper than a bouquet of flowers, even one of those fancy mail order ones – so this really is a must-do must-have activity!



Whether you are looking for that minimalist chic home décor or an eye catching stand out centre piece, we have you covered. Simply shop our range of colours, sizes and mounts for whatever occasion or decoration you need and bring a little bit of Rinkit into your home.

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As always,
Love, The Rinkit Team

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