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We all know choosing the right crockery sets is an important decision, whether moving into your new home or upgrading the crockery you already have, there’s so many styles, materials, and colours to think about, and you want to make sure it’s right for you and your kitchen or dining room. This is why we’ve put together this blog to bring you all the reasons why we love white crockery sets, to make your decision that little bit easier!

4 Reasons why we love white crockery sets

1. Their simple yet complementary style

The most important thing to take away, if you only take away one thing from this blog, is that a white crockery set will go with any home décor, whether your dining room or kitchen is bold, bright, and full of patterns, or neutral, sleek, and sophisticated. White crockery sets can seem bland and boring – and I can totally understand that, after all they are just white. However, using a white crockery set is not always about the crockery itself, but how you can use it with your interior design and your tableware.

The simplicity of a white crockery set also means you can use your set throughout all seasons, holidays, and occasions. Whether it’s Christmas, a milestone birthday, or an engagement party, use accessories and décor, for example charger plates and placemats and coasters to dress up your table and transform your dining table setting from the everyday to a true fine dining experience.

If perhaps you love the idea of a crockery set you can use for everything, but don’t like plain white, a white crockery set can be supplemented with colour – use placemats and coasters, coloured napkins, and coloured glasses to add splashes of colour and the whole look will change instantly.

Don’t get me wrong, we do love a good set of patterned crockery, however, once you invest in that coloured, patterned set, you are locked into those colours, which means you need to think about your interior décor and we all know accidents happen, so when plates are smashed or bowls get chipped, you need to be sure you can get the exact same one, whereas white is easy to replace.

white crockery sets

2. Restaurants use them!

You may notice that whenever dining in a high-end restaurant, they most commonly use a white crockery set to present and serve your dishes – and they do always look delectable. According to several psychologists, the plate your food is served on does affect your appetite and taste, and white is apparently the best – check out the article I read here for more of the science behind this!

This is why restaurants often use white crockery sets, because a white dish is like a blank canvas; it allows the meal to take centre stage, enhancing the flavours, and simply showing off the food. Restaurants are proud of their ingredients and their dishes, so this is the perfect way to show that – and the same for you at home.

So, simply put, if you want your dining room to look and feel like you’re dining in a high-end restaurant every day, get yourself a white crockery set!

white crockery sets

3. They are truly timeless

It is great to keep up with the interior décor trends and to create that Pinterest perfect dining room, however, keeping up with the constant changes can be draining on your time and finances. One way to decrease these constant changes but still keep up with the trends is so simply focus on the décor, this means getting yourself a timeless crockery set you can use anytime and with any colours and styles; a white crockery set is the epitome of timeless. This saves you money and time and keeps you on top of current trends.

White crockery sets are beautiful, classic, and versatile and form the perfect base set, so change up your accessories, placemats and coasters, table runners, table centrepieces, even switch up your mugs and glasses and you’ll be able to create a whole new look while keeping the same crockery.

white crockery sets

4. They come in a range of styles & constructions

As with all dinnerware, you can buy different levels of white crockery – by this I mean white crockery that is specifically made for fine dining and white crockery that is made for more of the every day.

When buying a white crockery set you will be able to choose between a range of materials, most likely, porcelain, glass, stoneware, and bone china, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a little look:

Porcelain: Porcelain is probably the most common material for crockery sets and is a great option for everyday dishes. Due to the high firing temperature in the manufacturing process, porcelain is immensely strong, durable, dishwasher and microwave safe, and non-porous.

Glass: A white crockery set made from glass is ideal for busy environments, environments with children, and outdoor settings because it is usually very durable and non-porous. This means they are often microwave and dishwasher safe and won’t trap bacteria or leak toxins.

Stoneware: Stoneware will often produce a more creamy, off-white appearance, so it depends ‘how white’ you want your crockery to be. Stoneware is made from refined clay which is particularly strong, durable and microwave and dishwasher safe – classed as a good mid-range material, it can be ideal for both casual and fine dining.

Bone China: Bone china will be most commonly used for fine dining or your special occasion crockery set due to the higher prices than other materials. It is generally made from refined clay and bone ash, almost creating a translucid look, resulting in a very elegant and refined crockery set that is still very resistant.

 white crockery set from rinkit

So, those are our favourite reasons why we love white crockery sets and why we think they are a must-have for your home. Their versatility, beauty and timeless effect is undeniable, so whether you were debating a white crockery set or moving into a new home and looking for the perfect crockery set- a white crockery set is the answer!

If you are interested in browsing white crockery sets, you can check out our collection today here.


As always, thank you for reading,
Love, Poppy and the Rinkit Team.

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